lemongrass the magical polish remover 

Too dang good not to share!!!!! Besides already loving lemongrass tea and the sweet, sweet smell. Growing up on the aroma of lemongrass tea for overall well being, thanks mom! I just discovered it’s a great nail polish remover. I saw a post of someone that used it as a nail polish remover. I thought it […]

Tinker Bell 13.1 of 2015

I ran on Mother’s Day because I am a mother runner!!  And because May 10th was this years Tinker Bell Half Marathon.  I didn’t really know what to expect, but I loved every minute of it!  I felt like a good half of the course was inside the theme parks or in downtown Disney.     […]

My LA marathon recap 

I finally did it, yay!     There was not much at the expo. I was hoping for more venders for the type of cute things I collect, like mugs, stickers, decals, etc.   Despite my pretty crumby training. Which fell apart mid February, I managed to finish the full marathon. I regretted […]

Getting in my long distance running before the marathon

I’ve been slowly trying to work some long runs into my routine. I have 39 days until I run the Los Angeles Marathon. Last Saturday I got together with my only running buddy who has been doing this particular marathon for 7 years, I think. It was our first time running as we both live […]

Finally doing the Los Angeles Marathon

I impulsively signed up to do the LA Marathon this March and I am freaking out. It was so last minute and very random of me. With only 3 months to train and never having run a full marathon, I am feeling a tad overwhelmed. But I just figured, if I don’t do it now, […]

Tinker Bell Half

I signed up for the Disney Tinker Bell Half Marathon!!! It was 99% full when I signed up, so I am glad I made it in. Sadly I now have to play the waiting game. It isn’t until May the 10th. On Mother’s Day, woohoo!! No better way for this mommy to celebrate. :: Happy […]