Yosemite 2014

First week of June, finally we made it to Yosemite. Although it’s always lovelier and easier in my head. Vacationing with the kids is no easy task. But we managed and we had fun. On our way there we left super early. So the kids slept the entire trip which from down south took us […]

The Huntington Library

So I finally got to visit the wonderful Huntington Library. Which I’ve literally been trying to re-visit for over a decade!!! This is only my second time there. The first time I went I was a sophomore in high school. It was for a field trip in my Literature class. I remember loving it so […]

UCR Botanical Garden

The family and I decided to go on a little hike the other day. We have been living in the Inland Empire for a little over a month now and this was one of the places we enjoyed visiting. We just moved back from San Diego. It is at the University of Riverside. I believe […]