Slow it down!

January went and now it is mid February,  It seems like time is on fast forward. I turned 27 last month and this month my son is turning 5. For the first time in his five years there will be no birthday party. Instead we will be taking him to Disneyland. He really loves birthday […]

Special Delivery, she is finally here!

She came, she came, she finally came! The little Missy was a day late. She was born on the 3rd of December instead of the 2nd. The whole time I swore she would be early, with all the signs and discomfort I really thought she’d be a November baby. But alas, she was born a […]

Meadow’s Nursery

We finally for the most part, anyway, completed our little girls room! Besides having baby, which I am still eagerly awaiting for. Fixing up her room was much anticipated and I was pretty excited to get it done. It took us a little bit longer because we were also working on the floors. Removing of […]

It’s a girl, now I can shop!

So on my 20 week ultrasound appointment I was told that “It looks like a girl.” My husband was sold immediately because he didn’t see any boy parts like we definitely saw with my son. I, however, needed to be reassured. I have a friend who was told she was having a girl and it […]