I’ve been rearranging things around my house and it’s been such a drag. It went from super messy to extremely messy. I almost just want to toss everything away with the mentality that I won’t even miss it. But I most likely won’t do that… I have a lot of darker wood furniture but I […]

Halloween with Ninja and Sally

This year was one of my favorite Halloween nights. It was also the first with the little Missy. She dressed as Sally from Nightmare Before Christmas. And her big brother wanted to be a ninja. The first ninja costume got over worn and he ended up ripping it… So I improvised with the second one. […]

I’m OCD about my floors 0.0

Ugh, hate nights when the hubby works, Especially when it’s his Monday. I find myself ready to do a list of thing but I’m lucky if I accomplish at least one of those things. On today’s agenda… bake brownies with the little mister. Mop the floors again. I moped last night, this morning, and I […]

Slow it down!

January went and now it is mid February,  It seems like time is on fast forward. I turned 27 last month and this month my son is turning 5. For the first time in his five years there will be no birthday party. Instead we will be taking him to Disneyland. He really loves birthday […]