Finally doing the Los Angeles Marathon

I impulsively signed up to do the LA Marathon this March and I am freaking out. It was so last minute and very random of me. With only 3 months to train and never having run a full marathon, I am feeling a tad overwhelmed. But I just figured, if I don’t do it now, […]

Transitioning to Natural Products

I have no real reason as to why I’ve decided to do this. I guess I just want to start using more natural products on my skin in hopes that it will improve. I used to work at a vitamin store, but I was young, 16-18 years old. Although I tried and learned a lot […]

Tinker Bell Half

I signed up for the Disney Tinker Bell Half Marathon!!! It was 99% full when I signed up, so I am glad I made it in. Sadly I now have to play the waiting game. It isn’t until May the 10th. On Mother’s Day, woohoo!! No better way for this mommy to celebrate. :: Happy […]

Lima, not Lime, not Lemon. Lima ! And some aloe vera magic.

Nothing makes me happier than sipping on some Lima juice on a nice warm day. My parents have two Lima trees. Mexican Lima that is. I’ve been drinking Mexican Lima juice since I was little. But back then I was only able to get it when we visited family in Mexico. When I was about […]