Viaje a Cabo

I love flying to a destination, it’s my favorite. Although I think I would really enjoy a train ride. I’ve never done that. (Add to mental bucket list.) 🙂 My honey pie and I went to Cabo San Lucas, Mexico without the kiddos. It was quite romantical. First time we have ever gone away on […]

Happy 1st, Little Missy

One year ago today I was exhausted and in so much pain. But I was super overjoyed with my new little darling, Meady Spaghetti!!! Honestly, giving birth to her was super calm and easy. That’s how I remember it anyway. But it’s always the after math that is the most painful. Anyway, fast forward a […]

Los Angeles Auto Show and Queen Mary’s Chill

Going out with both kids can be so much work sometimes. Haha. We Adam and I really wanted to check out some cars at the LA Auto show because I’m trying to find a 7 seater. Gosh, I don’t think we got to see half of them because the little missy was being super fussy. […]


I’ve been rearranging things around my house and it’s been such a drag. It went from super messy to extremely messy. I almost just want to toss everything away with the mentality that I won’t even miss it. But I most likely won’t do that… I have a lot of darker wood furniture but I […]