Rainy Run in SoCal

Today my friend G decided to skip our planned work out sesh and we went on a rainy run instead. It was her first time running in the rain, go figure! 

I’m glad we got out there. It was so much fun. Plus So Cal rain is nothing. It was actually pretty warm and humid but the water kept  us  cooled off. 

My left ankles has been bothering me. I think it’s from all of the hilly runs I’ve been doing. Hoping it’s nothing serious. -.-    
We ran with visors and shades. So when we took them off  our makeup was on point. Yes, if I run mid day or in the evening, chances are I’ll be wearing makeup. Morning runs, not so much.    
 Ok her abs of steel have got me wanting to do some crunches… And maybe eat less pie!?


13.1 Beat The Blerch Virtual Run

I had a fun run with some of my running buddies. My Friend Gen’s husband got her a virtual run. She made an event out of it and I joined in along with some other runners.  

I believe the actual run was in Washington. We did ours here in Temecula CA. It was a lovely run throughout wine country. This is our usual running spot on the weekend and it is quite pretty. 



And at the end our run, the lovely Gen had donuts and Nutella for us just like at the event. Jully also brought some Hershey’s chocolate milk.  Mmmmm.  Much needed food/calories!!! 


Viaje a Cabo

I love flying to a destination, it’s my favorite. Although I think I would really enjoy a train ride. I’ve never done that. (Add to mental bucket list.) 🙂


My honey pie and I went to Cabo San Lucas, Mexico without the kiddos. It was quite romantical. First time we have ever gone away on our own post children. Unfortunately I think my sister had a lifetime amount of alone time with the kids and I don’t think she will be volunteering again, haha.

For some reason we were expecting Cabo to be more on the tropical side but it was very much a desert. Just a continuation of California. I actually really liked the desert plus beach feel but Adam did not care for it. The weather was really not much different from California’s Summer heat.


We stayed at The Riu Palace. Loved the staff and the food was delicious. We pretty much only stayed at the resort and relaxed because Adam fractured his foot just a week prior. No craziness for us. We did almost go parasailing but it got cancelled last minute due to high winds and I was too chicken to try again the next day.

006 009 011 017


Love me some henna tattoos. ❤

While we were both sitting on these lounge chairs some girl came over and tried to flirt with my honey bee. Helloooooo I’m right here!!! I think she was drunk. 0.O and then she dropped a… a fake males private part… yeah I don’t want to use the word. She then walked around with it in her hand, not a care in the world. -.-023 025

We did a ton of eating, I think I gained 5lbs, not even joking. The food was so good. I think I had chilaquiles verdes every morning for breakfast. The cheese in Mexico tastes so much better. But I did notice that after a few days of eating I started feeling not so healthy. They definitely cook with heavier stuff. Lard, heavy cream, pretty much all the stuff I don’t use haha. But it was vacation so it was OK.  036 038 057 I can finally cross horseback riding on the beach with my honey bee off the bucket list. We only did a 30 minute session as it was starting to get dark, although it doesn’t look like it in the photo. It was fun and the sun was setting so it was extra pretty. 

080 088 090 091 094

Despite all the fun we had we sure did miss our little monkeys. We decided to always bring the kiddos along on our trips. We spent a good portion of our vacation talking about them, I know, such parents! Well we decided to only do a 1 or 2 day vacation alone and any more days we would bring them along. As parents it is nice to get away and relax but we concluded that 1 or 2 days is plenty time. 100 105 147 148

While we were on our trip the Supreme Court ruled in favor of same-sex marriage. So when we were flying back home over San Diego I saw the Gay Pride Flag over Balboa Park. It was so beautiful and majestic, it’s too bad I couldn’t get a photo. It will be in my mental bank forever. ❤

lemongrass the magical polish remover 

Too dang good not to share!!!!!
Besides already loving lemongrass tea and the sweet, sweet smell. Growing up on the aroma of lemongrass tea for overall well being, thanks mom! I just discovered it’s a great nail polish remover.

I saw a post of someone that used it as a nail polish remover. I thought it would be too expensive to use but I only used 4 drops per cotton round. So 8 drops of oil total for both feet!!! And lemongrass oil is one of the least expensive. ❤️❤️❤️❤️ plus I was SUPER dreading removing nail polish with the burning acetone because I have a lot of cuts and blisters from recent runs and just wearing bad shoes overall. These magical oils are sorcery!!!!!! Hahah. And sorry about the yuck feet pics. 😳😳

young living oils

Tinker Bell 13.1 of 2015

I ran on Mother’s Day because I am a mother runner!! 

And because May 10th was this years Tinker Bell Half Marathon. 

I didn’t really know what to expect, but I loved every minute of it! 

I felt like a good half of the course was inside the theme parks or in downtown Disney. 

Disney is definelty the most organized race I’ve done. 

I slept over at my sisters and we drove to the race at 4am. This run started at 5:30am. Definelty love the early start. Although the day wasn’t too hot or cold, but still, morning runs are the best. 

I love that we were basically able to just take the 5 all the way to the Disney parking lot and then exit it and be back on the freeway. That seriously makes me so happy because I always get kind of lost. Not this time! 

And my sis had to work that day so I felt a little bad.  But i think she had a blast and she really wanted to come along anyway. 

Since I ran it alone it was nice having someone there to take some pictures. My sister brought her camera and took a bunch of pictures of people in their costumes. She even found me during the run. I totally missed her though. 😎

I only took a couple myself while I waited for the start. Instead of lining up to take pictures with the characters, I decided to just take it all in along my run. Plus there were plenty of photographers snapping away. I have a few prints I’ll be ordering from them while I was running inside the parks. Especially by the castle! 😍 


Ahh. Half marathons are so much easier on the body than full marathons. I love the 13.1 mile runs. They are the perfect amount in my book. I didn’t even get sore. But I did get a few blisters, consequences from using my brand new Mother’s Day shoes that Adam got me. I actually did use them once before, but only for a 2 mile run. Guess that wasn’t enough. :p 


If I ever do this again I’d like to do it with my sis or the hubster. 

Hope everyone had a lovely Mother’s Day! 

misión San Juan Capistrano 

I believe I went to the San Juan Capistrano mission when I was in the 4th or 5th grade on a school field trip. I’ve always enjoyed going to historical places like this. And this mission has been on my bucket list of things to do in So Cal with my honey for some time. 😉 ❤ 

After our fun falconry class we decided to find a Starbucks for some much needed caffeine injections. But low and behold La misión estava ahí!  As soon as I saw where we were I jumped with joy and dragged Adam in. It was very romantical. :p for me anyway.  


When the kids get older I’d like to come back. Bucket list – return with kids when they are a bit more mature. 😉 

Falconry with my beu 

Last Saturday the hubster aka hubby and I went to San Juan Capistrano to do a falconry class that I booked back in February. 

I originally bought it off groupon thinking that we would do it on Valentine’s but apparently they book in advance and so I had to schedule us for a later time.  It was $100 for 2 on groupon. Good deal, it’s normally $100 per person. 

It was suppose to be an hour long class but it went over by 30-40 minutes. 

It consisted of:

Orientation; learning about the Falcons, Hawks, what they do etc.

Then we got to see the instructor fly/feed a little baby falcon. It was quite adorable. I think she was only 6 months, but boy, she was fast!

The best part was having the hawk fly to you. There were about 15 other people there and everyone got in a big circle where the hawk flew from person to person until everyone got a turn and a chance to take a photo.  

The hawk flew from each persons arm to feed. I believe it was quail that we were feeding him. 

And lastly, a photo with a falcon. This was optional, the instructor placed the falcon on your arm for a photo op. There was also a group picture with everyone who participated and the instructor. 

It was so magestic. Incredible to have such a beautiful bird so close. We had so much fun. 🙂 

My LA marathon recap 

I finally did it, yay! 

There was not much at the expo. I was hoping for more venders for the type of cute things I collect, like mugs, stickers, decals, etc. 

Despite my pretty crumby training. Which fell apart mid February, I managed to finish the full marathon. I regretted signing up when I got half way done, actually before, at mile 12! 

I don’t think I’ll be running a full again if I am not ready as this was really hard for me. Somewhere at mile 22 I seriously felt like child birth was easier hahah. But again, it was from my lack of training. 

In the end I did finish and I am proud of myself, Woohoo! 

I hitched a ride with my good friend who has done this marathon 7 or 8 years in a row now. That’s awesome! And his sister came all the way from Witchita, Kanasas to participate. It was her and my first full marathon. 

Girl Power!

My hubby picked me up, I was so happy to see him after such a feat! He also met up with me at mile 20. It was nice seeing him as I was feeling very mentally drained. 🙂 

My favorite area was probably Santa Monica by all of the pretty houses. I have a thing for nice curb appeal!!! 

Today I am only sore on my thighs. I recently started using essential oils and there is one recommended to use after workouts. It’s called Pan Away. I mixed it with fragrance free lotion and rubbed in on my calfs and feet. Well as soon as we got to our car I rubbed just the oil on my feet and when I got home I mixed it and put it on my calfs and feet again. The hubby gave me a nice calf/foot massage with the product once more before I went to sleep. This morning I had no pain in those areas but my thighs are pretty sore. Wish I would have rubbed it all over my legs. But I was simply too tired to think of that. Haha. 

Hopefully tomorrow I won’t be so sore. 

Sea Life 

On Friday my husband and I got to go to our sons first field trip. My husband was a chaperone and I just tagged along. 

I was pretty excited to participate in as many school events as possible this year since it’s his first school year, kindergarten!

I remember when I was either in kindergarten or first grade and my mom chaperoned for my school trip to the zoo. These are memories you just don’t forget. 

I think we had some of the highest energy boys in the class. Everyone parent got a group of 3. 

At the end of the day we were all pretty exhausted. And by all I mean all of the adults. The kids were still going strong. Ah, to have that much energy! 

Since I brought my little one I really only helped when we were moving or had free time. During class I waited at the cafe with my girl. She was excellent that day. No fussiness, yay! 

Even baby was tired  🙂 💜