Running plans for 2016

I ran so much last week that this week I’ve already taken 3 days off from running. Plus I think I’ve caught a stomach bug. 😞

But I did manage to do a few fitnes classes. Spin on Monday, TRX on Tuesday, and aerial yoga today.

Last week I tried doing runs every other day with rest in between. But I think the mileage was a bit too much since my posterior shin splints started up again on my right leg. It was finally not so horrible though, so hooray for that!

I haven’t gone to the chiropractor to work on my legs, I’ve just been using my roller and I am stretching a lot more. As for my mileage, G and I have been trying to run 10 miles instead of our normal 6.

We also want to dedicate this year to improving our running and getting more miles so that we can do Avalon 50 miles in Catalina island next year.

I am planning to run the Revel marathon in Azusa this year. It is in November, so hopefully I will be prepared enough this time around. My first marathon was a bust!

So if I do well I plan on conquering the LA marathon in 2017. This year I’m still not ready! I hope they keep it in February though. I much prefer the cooler weather races.

And Happy B-Day to my girl, G. She did a birthday run but I couldn’t go since my stomach is killing me. 😦 At least we did aerial yoga, that was pretty neat! 

Running in wine country is so much fun! Hilly, with spectacular views.

Korean food for a pre workout meal is obviously the go to choice around here.


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