Holiday 13.1 Run

First we got our bibs…

And I saw a lot of cars with our popular Runner girl magnets. Which we are supposed to flip, it’s a thing. :p 


Runner girls get flipped, so flip it!

Picking up our bibs was pretty fast and easy. We went as soon as they opened, plus the location wasn’t that big. Every other race I’ve done was at a big convention center, so this was nice. 

Since we were near Zion market, Korean food. We stopped and got some essentials. It was pretty cool, actually. G took me through each isle and gave me the 1-1. It’s fun to try new things!    

mmmmm Boba!

And the race itself, I really liked. 

Although the morning was freezing cold and I didn’t like that at all, especially whilst wearing a tank top. 

It started at 730am, so the sun did come up at least. Just in time for me to dump my cool blanket.   

And the route was very nice to look at. 

My timing was pretty good, the course was pretty flat. Some rolling hills and plenty of down hills. 

That sums up the last race of the year. Hoping the great runs will continue in 2016! 



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