Married to a cop

Oh boy. 

I thought I was going to put the kids to bed and hop in bed myself. 

But the love of my life decided to give me a call and say hello. He also wanted to tell me that he was about  to visit a gang member’s house to make an arrest for a man who shot two people. Way to make me queasy, honey. 

So now I guess I’ll clean the bathrooms and finish all the other chores I was too tired to finish up for the night just 15 minutes ago.  

I really don’t like to think of him out there, it’s the only way I stay sane. So nights like these really suck. All I can do is wait around, worried as heck, praying to God that he comes home to me the same way he left. 

Welp, I hope I have enough bleach… 

– a worried wife 

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