Happy Holidays, a Fun Run!

This morning I went for a tougher 6 mile run. I’ve been running a lot less recently due to some severe posterior shin splints. But since I have the holiday half coming up at the end of the month, I decided that I need to kick it up to high gear. 

So I did the 6 miler in the morning because this evening my plan was to do a fun run. It was less than 4 miles and it included a lot of stopping and looking at Xmas lights. 





It definitely seemed like over 40 people showed up to run. We all met at a Starbucks parking lot and took off from there. Regular people shopping probably thought we were all crazy, running around with Xmas lights and such. 

But as always, I really enjoyed my run. Especially when they are just for some legitimate fun. 💕


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