Ragnar Trail Vail Lake, CA

I am finally home from our Friday/ Saturday Ragnar relay that took place in the beautiful city of Temecula, CA. 

I am laying in bed sore as can be. Sleepy but unable to sleep. 

Too much excitement occurred this weekend but I am glad to finally be home in the comfort of my bed.  :p

When I first met Gen, my running buddy, one of the first things she asked me was to join her Ragnar team. I immediately said yes, even though I didn’t really know her.  And what a friendship we’ve made. We are soul sisters! 

What a fun experience this trail race was. We did 14.4 miles each in 3 leg segments. We had a team of 8 people. So the mileage wasn’t bad at all but the trails were pretty tough. The sleep, or the lack  of sleep didn’t help either. I think I slept about 2 hours. I really tried to fall asleep but the lack of privacy, the noise from other nearby tents, and the anxiety from the next run didn’t help me go into sleep mode. 

Our friend Danielle started training with us a couple of months ago and she has become a much stronger runner. She totally finished strong on her last leg which was a yellow loop representing a hard course.  Green is Moderate, Yellow is hard, and Red is very hard.  

Gen started the race in the Green leg, then we had runner 2,3,4,5,6,7 was Danielle, and I was the 8th runner. My first leg was Yellow.

My second leg was Green which I did at 3am. I loved running with the moonlight and fresh air. My last leg was red at 12:30pm and the heat of the afternoon was brutal. Plus red is the hardest loop. I found it very challenging. Gen went with me even though she had already done her three legs. Gen and Danielle’s  order were the same; green, red, yellow. 

Loved, loved, loved doing this relay. The people at the campsite were very chill and everyone was very nice and encouraging to one another. We left with nothing but good vibes. 

the coolest medals ever


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