Hearst Castle

I can finally cross Hearst Castle off my to do list. I’ve driven past it several times on my way to San Francisco but  never made a point to stop, the drive up to SF is just too long. 

Anywho, this trip was just for the castle. 

We only did the Grand Rooms Tour.  I considered doing a few more tours but our little bundle of joy didn’t make it too easy. We were lucky that she actually fell asleep for part of the tour. She still managed to get a bit fussy and let me tell you, it sucks being THAT parent. All in all she did pretty well.  

The main rules  were don’t touch anything, stay on the rug and away from the hardwood floors, and no flash photography. Because of this, I placed my almost 2 year old in my carrier the entire tour, this of course didn’t make her a very happy camper. I wasn’t going to take any chances letting her roam around though. 😉

Our young lad was pretty good. He’s old enough to understand and keep to himself as well as follow the rules. But he was a little bored. I recommend this place for older kids, it’s much easier.  The outdoor area was a lot easier to deal with and the gardens were lovely. I believe they also have a garden tour. 

 The guest rooms were pretty and very detailed. Mr. Hearst had quite the party place.   

Here she is sleeping


Our lilttle dude wished this pool was open to the public.


24k gold floors!


We had a lovely time. 

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