Rainy Run in SoCal

Today my friend G decided to skip our planned work out sesh and we went on a rainy run instead. It was her first time running in the rain, go figure! 

I’m glad we got out there. It was so much fun. Plus So Cal rain is nothing. It was actually pretty warm and humid but the water kept  us  cooled off. 

My left ankles has been bothering me. I think it’s from all of the hilly runs I’ve been doing. Hoping it’s nothing serious. -.-    
We ran with visors and shades. So when we took them off  our makeup was on point. Yes, if I run mid day or in the evening, chances are I’ll be wearing makeup. Morning runs, not so much.    
 Ok her abs of steel have got me wanting to do some crunches… And maybe eat less pie!?


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