Viaje a Cabo

I love flying to a destination, it’s my favorite. Although I think I would really enjoy a train ride. I’ve never done that. (Add to mental bucket list.) 🙂


My honey pie and I went to Cabo San Lucas, Mexico without the kiddos. It was quite romantical. First time we have ever gone away on our own post children. Unfortunately I think my sister had a lifetime amount of alone time with the kids and I don’t think she will be volunteering again, haha.

For some reason we were expecting Cabo to be more on the tropical side but it was very much a desert. Just a continuation of California. I actually really liked the desert plus beach feel but Adam did not care for it. The weather was really not much different from California’s Summer heat.


We stayed at The Riu Palace. Loved the staff and the food was delicious. We pretty much only stayed at the resort and relaxed because Adam fractured his foot just a week prior. No craziness for us. We did almost go parasailing but it got cancelled last minute due to high winds and I was too chicken to try again the next day.

006 009 011 017


Love me some henna tattoos. ❤

While we were both sitting on these lounge chairs some girl came over and tried to flirt with my honey bee. Helloooooo I’m right here!!! I think she was drunk. 0.O and then she dropped a… a fake males private part… yeah I don’t want to use the word. She then walked around with it in her hand, not a care in the world. -.-023 025

We did a ton of eating, I think I gained 5lbs, not even joking. The food was so good. I think I had chilaquiles verdes every morning for breakfast. The cheese in Mexico tastes so much better. But I did notice that after a few days of eating I started feeling not so healthy. They definitely cook with heavier stuff. Lard, heavy cream, pretty much all the stuff I don’t use haha. But it was vacation so it was OK.  036 038 057 I can finally cross horseback riding on the beach with my honey bee off the bucket list. We only did a 30 minute session as it was starting to get dark, although it doesn’t look like it in the photo. It was fun and the sun was setting so it was extra pretty. 

080 088 090 091 094

Despite all the fun we had we sure did miss our little monkeys. We decided to always bring the kiddos along on our trips. We spent a good portion of our vacation talking about them, I know, such parents! Well we decided to only do a 1 or 2 day vacation alone and any more days we would bring them along. As parents it is nice to get away and relax but we concluded that 1 or 2 days is plenty time. 100 105 147 148

While we were on our trip the Supreme Court ruled in favor of same-sex marriage. So when we were flying back home over San Diego I saw the Gay Pride Flag over Balboa Park. It was so beautiful and majestic, it’s too bad I couldn’t get a photo. It will be in my mental bank forever. ❤

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