lemongrass the magical polish remover 

Too dang good not to share!!!!!
Besides already loving lemongrass tea and the sweet, sweet smell. Growing up on the aroma of lemongrass tea for overall well being, thanks mom! I just discovered it’s a great nail polish remover.

I saw a post of someone that used it as a nail polish remover. I thought it would be too expensive to use but I only used 4 drops per cotton round. So 8 drops of oil total for both feet!!! And lemongrass oil is one of the least expensive. ❤️❤️❤️❤️ plus I was SUPER dreading removing nail polish with the burning acetone because I have a lot of cuts and blisters from recent runs and just wearing bad shoes overall. These magical oils are sorcery!!!!!! Hahah. And sorry about the yuck feet pics. 😳😳

young living oils


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