Tinker Bell 13.1 of 2015

I ran on Mother’s Day because I am a mother runner!! 

And because May 10th was this years Tinker Bell Half Marathon. 

I didn’t really know what to expect, but I loved every minute of it! 

I felt like a good half of the course was inside the theme parks or in downtown Disney. 

Disney is definelty the most organized race I’ve done. 

I slept over at my sisters and we drove to the race at 4am. This run started at 5:30am. Definelty love the early start. Although the day wasn’t too hot or cold, but still, morning runs are the best. 

I love that we were basically able to just take the 5 all the way to the Disney parking lot and then exit it and be back on the freeway. That seriously makes me so happy because I always get kind of lost. Not this time! 

And my sis had to work that day so I felt a little bad.  But i think she had a blast and she really wanted to come along anyway. 

Since I ran it alone it was nice having someone there to take some pictures. My sister brought her camera and took a bunch of pictures of people in their costumes. She even found me during the run. I totally missed her though. 😎

I only took a couple myself while I waited for the start. Instead of lining up to take pictures with the characters, I decided to just take it all in along my run. Plus there were plenty of photographers snapping away. I have a few prints I’ll be ordering from them while I was running inside the parks. Especially by the castle! 😍 


Ahh. Half marathons are so much easier on the body than full marathons. I love the 13.1 mile runs. They are the perfect amount in my book. I didn’t even get sore. But I did get a few blisters, consequences from using my brand new Mother’s Day shoes that Adam got me. I actually did use them once before, but only for a 2 mile run. Guess that wasn’t enough. :p 


If I ever do this again I’d like to do it with my sis or the hubster. 

Hope everyone had a lovely Mother’s Day! 


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