Falconry with my beu 

Last Saturday the hubster aka hubby and I went to San Juan Capistrano to do a falconry class that I booked back in February. 

I originally bought it off groupon thinking that we would do it on Valentine’s but apparently they book in advance and so I had to schedule us for a later time.  It was $100 for 2 on groupon. Good deal, it’s normally $100 per person. 

It was suppose to be an hour long class but it went over by 30-40 minutes. 

It consisted of:

Orientation; learning about the Falcons, Hawks, what they do etc.

Then we got to see the instructor fly/feed a little baby falcon. It was quite adorable. I think she was only 6 months, but boy, she was fast!

The best part was having the hawk fly to you. There were about 15 other people there and everyone got in a big circle where the hawk flew from person to person until everyone got a turn and a chance to take a photo.  

The hawk flew from each persons arm to feed. I believe it was quail that we were feeding him. 

And lastly, a photo with a falcon. This was optional, the instructor placed the falcon on your arm for a photo op. There was also a group picture with everyone who participated and the instructor. 

It was so magestic. Incredible to have such a beautiful bird so close. We had so much fun. 🙂 


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