My LA marathon recap 

I finally did it, yay! 

There was not much at the expo. I was hoping for more venders for the type of cute things I collect, like mugs, stickers, decals, etc. 

Despite my pretty crumby training. Which fell apart mid February, I managed to finish the full marathon. I regretted signing up when I got half way done, actually before, at mile 12! 

I don’t think I’ll be running a full again if I am not ready as this was really hard for me. Somewhere at mile 22 I seriously felt like child birth was easier hahah. But again, it was from my lack of training. 

In the end I did finish and I am proud of myself, Woohoo! 

I hitched a ride with my good friend who has done this marathon 7 or 8 years in a row now. That’s awesome! And his sister came all the way from Witchita, Kanasas to participate. It was her and my first full marathon. 

Girl Power!

My hubby picked me up, I was so happy to see him after such a feat! He also met up with me at mile 20. It was nice seeing him as I was feeling very mentally drained. 🙂 

My favorite area was probably Santa Monica by all of the pretty houses. I have a thing for nice curb appeal!!! 

Today I am only sore on my thighs. I recently started using essential oils and there is one recommended to use after workouts. It’s called Pan Away. I mixed it with fragrance free lotion and rubbed in on my calfs and feet. Well as soon as we got to our car I rubbed just the oil on my feet and when I got home I mixed it and put it on my calfs and feet again. The hubby gave me a nice calf/foot massage with the product once more before I went to sleep. This morning I had no pain in those areas but my thighs are pretty sore. Wish I would have rubbed it all over my legs. But I was simply too tired to think of that. Haha. 

Hopefully tomorrow I won’t be so sore. 


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