Sea Life 

On Friday my husband and I got to go to our sons first field trip. My husband was a chaperone and I just tagged along. 

I was pretty excited to participate in as many school events as possible this year since it’s his first school year, kindergarten!

I remember when I was either in kindergarten or first grade and my mom chaperoned for my school trip to the zoo. These are memories you just don’t forget. 

I think we had some of the highest energy boys in the class. Everyone parent got a group of 3. 

At the end of the day we were all pretty exhausted. And by all I mean all of the adults. The kids were still going strong. Ah, to have that much energy! 

Since I brought my little one I really only helped when we were moving or had free time. During class I waited at the cafe with my girl. She was excellent that day. No fussiness, yay! 

Even baby was tired  🙂 💜

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