Getting in my long distance running before the marathon

I’ve been slowly trying to work some long runs into my routine. I have 39 days until I run the Los Angeles Marathon.
Last Saturday I got together with my only running buddy who has been doing this particular marathon for 7 years, I think.
It was our first time running as we both live significantly far from each other. But we met in the middle, where both he and I have family. So it was an easy way to meet up and go for a 15 mile run.
I felt really good. My legs were pretty tired but overall I felt great and could have probably pushed another 3 miles comfortably.
I’m hoping to keep the momentum and just keep adding on the long runs.
I know a lot of people log as much as 50 miles per week but I’m just not there yet. But I’m hoping I can get there.




Oh and I finally got some new shoes. Man. I really needed some. I had my old ones for two years!!! Which is A LOT considering how many miles I’ve put on them. They were very worn down. But honestly they did last me as much as I could possibly use them. They were Zoot’s and now I’m trying out Asics. My first pair of Asics, actually.


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