Finally doing the Los Angeles Marathon

I impulsively signed up to do the LA Marathon this March and I am freaking out.
It was so last minute and very random of me. With only 3 months to train and never having run a full marathon, I am feeling a tad overwhelmed.
But I just figured, if I don’t do it now, I’ll just keep putting it off.

With that said, I really need to start stepping up my game. Big time :/
I’ve been running short, comfortable runs. Usually 3-5 mile runs. Once in a while I do a little more. So that is definitely not gonna cut it!
I wish I had my half marathon in March instead of May and vice versa for the LA marathon.

On the bright side. I am keeping up with my New Years resolution to pound in more miles!

Eek. I need help. Also need help with nutrition. Really can’t be neglecting it as much as I have been especially now that I’ve got big goals.



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