Transitioning to Natural Products

I have no real reason as to why I’ve decided to do this. I guess I just want to start using more natural products on my skin in hopes that it will improve.

I used to work at a vitamin store, but I was young, 16-18 years old. Although I tried and learned a lot about the things I sold, I never really invested money on products for myself. Except for the occasional vitamins.

I started doing yoga and I’ve just been wanting to try earthly natural things for my every day life.

Rose Water – I love the scent of roses. Roses are also my favorite flower. Ive been using a Burt’s Bees Toner for my face and I absolutely LOVE to put it on as it smells so magnificent.

So I went to my local Organic grocery store and I found a Rosewater facial spray. I spray it on my face in the morning after I was my face, during the day to keep my skin feeling and looking nice and at night before I hop in bed.

Rose water has a lot of benefits. I is suppose to help purify the skin, protect it from bacterial infections, and it heals sunburns and wounds! It also helps keep the pH balance of the skin, and it has a calming effect on acne and on eczema. So why not!? To be honest I just like to spray it on my face because I really enjoy the smell. But I am also hoping that my skin will just feel and look a lot healthier.

Rosemary – OK, so when I worked at the vitamin store, there was a lady that would often come and buy Rosemary oil. She swore by its benefits to help hair grow stronger and healthier. So I found some to dilute in water so that I can spray it on my hair and close to my roots.

I also happen to have a rosemary bush in front of my house. So I made my own Rosemary water by boiling the leaves in medium low heat. After my shower, I rung out my hair and then I poured a little rosemary water on my hair to let it air dry.

This I can say that I already saw a difference. Normally I let my hair air dry and it dries very frizzy, so I always straighten it to make it look better. Now, after using rosemary water (3 times) my hair has not been frizzy after it air dries. It just feels very soft and it smells good!

Jojoba – Jojoba oil is suppose to be good for hair and skin. I use it on my hands, face, and on the tips of my hair.

Vitamin E – I bought a Vitamin E stick to put on my lashes. I just got that today so I cant say that I see a difference. But I hear that it is suppose to help grow fuller, healthier lashes.

For the hair I also bought a wooden brush, I found mine at Sprouts. It is 100% pure Bamboo. So I’m dumping my old one and committing to my new, wooden brush.

Wooden brushes are suppose to help to naturally condition your hair, bring nutrients to your hair follicles, and help increase circulation on your scalp.

The jewelry pictures are just cool gemstones I found such as; amethyst, rose quartz, turquoise, even magnets. Every gemstone is said to bring healing properties and protection as well as certain attributes that one desires. But that is a little different and more detailed so lets just say I also just love pretty jewelry. 😛

IMG_6910 IMG_6913 IMG_6917 IMG_6918 IMG_6922 IMG_6925 IMG_6926

Hoping that the Pacifica mascara will be a gentler formula for my lashes. The packaging is very pretty.





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