Bom Bom

Last week I went over to an old friends house so he could practice his make-up techniques.

He went very neutral with my look which is so unlike him. If it were up to him he would have done greens and blues, red and orange, and some very dark or bright lip.

But I think he was trying to satisfy me so he went with the most neutral look. My photos which I took with my phone do not do it justice, I think he did excellent. 🙂 Next time he got the OK to go crazy!

IMG_6413 IMG_6418

The funny thing is, I was the one who helped him unleash his love for makeup in the public eye. I also really got him hooked on MAC and now we have both expanded our love on to Urban Decay. He has WAY more product than I will ever have. I wish I would have taken a photo of all his magical make-up, hah.

I had Meadow come with me, I love her little bom bom looking onesie!I know I am bias but she’s so cute!



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