Los Angeles Auto Show and Queen Mary’s Chill

Going out with both kids can be so much work sometimes. Haha.
We Adam and I really wanted to check out some cars at the LA Auto show because I’m trying to find a 7 seater.
Gosh, I don’t think we got to see half of them because the little missy was being super fussy.
Luckily Adams new schedule will soon be on the side of the week where my sister will be ale to babysit if we do decide to go out.





We still have no clue what car to get. But I was pleasantly surprised with the Buick Enclave. Except they’re GMC, so, BLEH!!!
But it did feel super fancy. 🙂


Ah. I wish we would of had more time to look around.
Later that night we took Landy to Queen Mary’s “Chill” and we had a great time. My mom babysat the princess while the three of us had fun.





I guess it’s easier just going out with one kid. ;p


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