Bad Reviews. Boom!

I have been looking for an easy to use liquid eyeliner and so I’ve got quite the collection.
Jordana Fabu Liner and Loreal Lineur Intense are by far my least favorite. Just terrible.


IMG_5978.JPG      The  tips on these two eyeliners are just terrible, the formal is horrible as well.  The tip on the Loreal Lineur Intense is very soft and not accurate at all. Every time I use it the result is bad from the lack of structure on the tip. Its so soft that the lines you make come off too jagged like. The formula just feels very thick and nasty.

As for the Jordana Fabu Liner, the tip on it is too hard and the formula is too light. So when I apply it on my upper lid it tends to hurt my eye. If the formula was more intense and the tip was slightly softer I can see that this could be a better product. The liner almost always comes out nearly perfect, it’s just not dark enough and I have 01 Black… Plus the pain of application is just not worth it.


I also was trying to find a very volumizing over the counter mascara. I like the brush on this Loreal Voluminous Butterfly mascara. It does a good job seperating my lashes. However, the actual formula stinks. Literally.
It feels like it’s very bad for my lashes as it feels very thick and stinks so bad.

And lastly the NYX Cream Shadow.

It clumps up. I am personally not a cream shadow type of girl but this clumps up so bad. It is the worst looking cream shadow I have ever tried. It’s suppose to be water resistant but I do not see how. As I place it on my eyelid and I try to blend it in, it almost immediately turns into clumps.


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