Urban Decay Haul, I’m a fan!

I was in need of a new everyday, natural looking makeup look.
I’ve only used Urban Decay eyeshadows. I only had two pallets, both really good. But I never thought to give their other products a go. I normally use MAC, Clinique, and right now I have Mary Kay for foundation. (It’s actually pretty good).
I told the girl at the counter that I was looking for a new concealer for my dark under eye problem. I am lucky I don’t have too many problems with blemishes.
Because of that I am always looking for very light coverage. Something that doesn’t feel heavy. MAC foundations are normally pretty thick.
But she used the Naked BB Cream, it only come in light, medium and dark. I got Medium, weird that it just blends into my darker skin just fine. Anyway, I loved it so much, it felt so smooth and light that I ended up buying that too. I have been using it every day for about a week and I am still very happy with it.
It has SPF 20 and it honestly feels like a very light lotion. It smooths out your skin and corrects pigmentation. However, I wouldn’t recommend it if you want to wear alone and you need more coverage.
The concealer is awesome. I used MAC and Bobbi Brown before and this one is way better. It also comes in a pencil so I like that better.
The other product I really loved was the lipstick. I normally get very bad chapped lips with lipsticks and this one is very soothing. It’s creamy and smooth and doesn’t irritate me. Ugh, I wish I would have explored their products years ago, they’re amazing!!!!!!!









I was trying to buy the pen like eyeliner for faster and more precise application. But she accidentally gave me the wrong one and I didn’t realize it until I got home. I was too lazy to go back so I decided to give the gel pencil a chance. Well for the first time, I didn’t hate it. Again, urban decay, wow!!! You are amazing 0.0 I was living under a rock!
It’s waterproof, goes on smooth and it didn’t smear all day. Only comes off with makeup remover, it’s pretty awesome!

I also got a new eyebrow pencil, this is by Anatasia. I’ve heard good reviews and I must say, they were right! There is no pencil, colored gel, or shadow that has been this good! I will definitely be re-purchasing when it’s gone.

Everything I bought was a new product for me. So happy with all of it. I am a new UD fan!


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