South to North, North to South


We went to San Francisco. But only for a day.

It is so sad that I’ve lived in California all of my life (Southern), but I have only been to SF twice. And this second time we were only there for the evening and the morning.

We tagged along with the Mister up North because he had business to take care of, so we decided to go up to SF as well. On our way back we made the Highway 1 drive so that we could make a few stops. We went to Palo Alto, because, why not? Stanford University was so pretty.

We stopped at Monterey, we were by the Aquarium but did not go in. We were already behind schedule since we spent some time at the Golden State Park. And we made the lovely drive through Big Sur. Beautiful views but horrible windy road drive. I felt so car sick.

On the bright side I finally go to see The Painted Ladies. I didn’t the first time we went. I just love the Victorian style houses. It is so beautiful. I can’t imagine living in one of those houses though. I would feel like an animal at the zoo. I would never be able to open up my windows and that is just sad. I was only taking photos with my phone, but there were so many people using those big professional cameras.


There was a lovely park by the houses so the kids got to stretch out and play for a little while. The little Missy just started going on the swings, she absolutely loves to swing. ❤

IMG_5235IMG_5190 IMG_5178  IMG_5232IMG_5238

On our morning there the first thing we did was go to the Golden State Bridge. We were lucky that the sky was clear, we hear it’s normally foggy, especially when it’s that early in the morning. I believe we were there at around 7AM.


And we had the loveliest breakfast at some cafe, I can’t remember the name but it was right next to The Cliff House. We got to sit next to the pretty view. ❤ Adam and I really enjoyed our cup of coffee, ah…


While we were walking to the park some lady randomly stopped us and gave us advise about raising our children. Although it was totally random and a bit strange, we thought maybe it was a sign.

This very nice lady stops us mid walk to tell us to be patient parents, to take it easy on our kids, always talk to them, not spank. She said, always read to them, feed them healthy foods, teach the a mixture of bible and science.

That, amongst many other things. It was just interesting because we felt that lately we have been a little tougher on Landon. He’s a wild child and gets in trouble from time to time.

I think she inspired us to take a deep breath and analyze the situations better. Yes, sometimes he can be a bit much but there is always time, time to talk and make it all better. No matter how frustrating the situation might be. 🙂


And in the spirit of spending time together and having positive family time we stopped by the University of Stanford. Maybe this will motivate Landy to be the scholarly type. He was just happy to run around and be out of the car.


I was surprised that the kids did so well. We were in the car all day. Normally Landon throws up when we go through windy roads. I know I was feeling super sick. But he never lost his color or complained. He actually didn’t even nap in the car until it was dark and almost his bed time. Maybe it was all the stops we made. He really enjoyed looking at the seals by San Simeon. He also didn’t want to leave Monterey, probably because he actually go to go on the sand. It was the only spot we stopped at where we actually got to go on the sand.

To be honest. Although the driving views were beautiful, being in the car that long was brutal.

I almost kind of wish we would have just stayed in SF a little longer to see more there and then just have gone home.

We didn’t get home until midnight and I believe we started our day at about 6am. Yikes!!

IMG_5451  IMG_5493IMG_5465

IMG_5387 IMG_5542IMG_5564


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