Los Angeles Auto Show and Queen Mary’s Chill

Going out with both kids can be so much work sometimes. Haha. We Adam and I really wanted to check out some cars at the LA Auto show because I’m trying to find a 7 seater. Gosh, I don’t think we got to see half of them because the little missy was being super fussy. […]

Bad Reviews. Boom!

I have been looking for an easy to use liquid eyeliner and so I’ve got quite the collection. Jordana Fabu Liner and Loreal Lineur Intense are by far my least favorite. Just terrible.       The  tips on these two eyeliners are just terrible, the formal is horrible as well.  The tip on the Loreal Lineur […]


I’ve been rearranging things around my house and it’s been such a drag. It went from super messy to extremely messy. I almost just want to toss everything away with the mentality that I won’t even miss it. But I most likely won’t do that… I have a lot of darker wood furniture but I […]

Urban Decay Haul, I’m a fan!

I was in need of a new everyday, natural looking makeup look. I’ve only used Urban Decay eyeshadows. I only had two pallets, both really good. But I never thought to give their other products a go. I normally use MAC, Clinique, and right now I have Mary Kay for foundation. (It’s actually pretty good). […]

South to North, North to South

We went to San Francisco. But only for a day. It is so sad that I’ve lived in California all of my life (Southern), but I have only been to SF twice. And this second time we were only there for the evening and the morning. We tagged along with the Mister up North because […]

Halloween with Ninja and Sally

This year was one of my favorite Halloween nights. It was also the first with the little Missy. She dressed as Sally from Nightmare Before Christmas. And her big brother wanted to be a ninja. The first ninja costume got over worn and he ended up ripping it… So I improvised with the second one. […]