Tinker Bell Half


I signed up for the Disney Tinker Bell Half Marathon!!!

It was 99% full when I signed up, so I am glad I made it in. Sadly I now have to play the waiting game. It isn’t until May the 10th. On Mother’s Day, woohoo!! No better way for this mommy to celebrate. :: Happy Dance ::

However, I am going to run it solo, I really didn’t think about that until recently. Who will take my photo’s!? I am way too shy to ask  random strangers. I only care because there will Disney characters cheering you on and taking photo ups with the runners. It’ really doesn’t matter, I’m sure I will figure it out. Any who, so yes, I’m just so excited!!!!

So I have plenty of time to train and to figure out if I will be dressing Disney ish or not.

I hope I get to sign up to another race before the Tinker Bell half. I’ve been looking for local races December-March but I haven’t found one yet.

I am interested in the Fallbrook Avocado Half but it is the week before Disney’s and I don’t really want to over do it. I may regret doing two so close. Good idea, bad idea, I’m not sure. -.-

In other news, I upgraded my phone to the iPhone 6 Plus and now I can’t run with it. It is HUGE. I literally had to use a bag which I hid under my shirt. Wow, just wow…

So I went on Amazon and ordered a Garmin Forerunner 10 Quick Start. I will be trying it out for the first time tomorrow morning. What I’ll miss most though is Pandora. Or maybe not?




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