Hair Shine

Womp Womp Womp…

I was in major need of a hair cut and so today I finally chopped it off. But too much was chopped and now I am so sad. I miss my length!



I wanted it shorter but I think it’s a little too short now and I am having regrets. :: so sad ::

That was like three years worth of growth, gone. But it’s my fault. I wanted shorter.

On the bright side, at least it will be easier to manage 😦 :: whimpering ::

In other news. My holy grail hair product is getting harder and harder to get a hold of at the store. Why!?!?


I have to buy multiple bottles when I see it at the store because they run out so fast and it takes forever for them to get it back. I’ve also bought them on Amazon, but since I am almost always at Target, it’s nice getting them while I’m there.

This spray does wonders for my dry hair. It’s always looking like a broom. But this spray just makes it so silky soft. It’s amazing and it’s less than $5.00!! I usually spray it on my damp hair and again if I decide to blow dry or straighten my hair. It’s awesome, I highly recommend you stock up or order it online. When target runs out, so does Walmart, Walgreens, CvS, what’s up with that!?


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