The Huntington Library

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So I finally got to visit the wonderful Huntington Library. Which I’ve literally been trying to re-visit for over a decade!!!

This is only my second time there. The first time I went I was a sophomore in high school. It was for a field trip in my Literature class. I remember loving it so much and yet I never went back until now. Which is really silly because it is NOT that far.

I tried to go with my sister when I lived much closer (L.A county) but we never went! I also tried to go with friends, and often times I asked my husband. But nada! So finally, finally, I got to go.

What I find super fascinating for some reason is the location. It was once the house of Henry E. Huntington, a railroad magnate who collected art, rare books etc. It was known as the San Marino Ranch. To get to the location you drive through a residential area. All of the homes are older, beautiful houses that just look all American and rich in history. All worth millions, ranging from 1.5-20M. Yikes!!!

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Since the mister and I took the kids we didn’t really have a lot of time to walk through the actual museum. We only go to go into the main house and walk through the botanical gardens. Landon absolutely loved walking through the botanical garden. They have so many gardens. Our favorites were the Japanese Garden, the Chinese Garden, the Rose Garden, and the Shakespearean Garden. Oh and we all loved the children’s garden. Which was for sure Landon’s favorite.

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I really like looking at art. I can probably stare all day if I could. But Landy was more interested in the gardens, so we were not able to do much indoors. Still, I was very happy to do as much as we did. Sadly I didn’t get to see The Blue Boy, which is one of my favorites! Or Breakfast In Bed, love that one too. I pretty much like all of the motherly portraits though. I guess because I am a mother I feel like I can relate.

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We also spent some time at the Lacy Park, it was in the same neighborhood. Since we got to the museum a little early, almost an hour. We took Landon there to play and kill some time. We all loved it so much that we ended up returning after finishing up our day at The Huntington.


Meadow was a doll, no fussy business from this little lady.





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