Running lazy and yoga inspiration


I’ve been running kind of lazily lately.

It’s a little hard to do a set routine with the little one. My eldest is possibly old enough that I  may go for a morning run while dad is napping. However, I now have a 4 month old and that just wont work hehe.

Now, I typically have about 4 days to  run at some point in the day when Adam is not working. Those are the days I do some kind of exercise. Long runs, short runs or maybe some yoga. At home or maybe even at the gym. But the side of the week he works are a little more difficult since he sleeps most of the day and then he goes to work in the evening. I have about a 2-3 hour window where I may go, but by the the time he wakes I typically lose all my steam. And honestly, 3 break days is just too many days off!!! So I’ve been trying to find other workouts to do, other than running. Specifically for his working days… Plus I’m sure it will help. As running does a wonderful job of making my small bum even smaller!!!! It’s pretty terrible haha. Must learn to love thy squats!!

Anyway, I have lost almost all the pregnancy weight but these last ten lbs are sooooo impossible!!

Somehow I have gone down to my normal size, but my gut is just not there. I don’t even know how that’s possible. My jeans finally fit, yet I have a muffin top haha.


Running is working wonders, despite the lack of miles I’ve been putting in, and the obvious bigger belly. The hardest part is diet. I don’t diet. I love carbs, I have a major sweet tooth, I love Starbucks… It’s so hard to say NO. Overall, I’m really not that bad. But bread and chocolates are my weakness  –_–

I also started doing yoga last week. I went to my first ever class on Wednesday. It really works those hidden muscles. I swear, I thought I was on easy mode. Some poses feel more intense than others, but overall I am pretty flexible so I didn’t think much of it. Until the next morning when I woke up and felt all those little muscle aching. Yikes, but this week my body is finally adjusting. ^_^

I hope some day I will be able to do those incredibly hard looking poses. That would be complete awesomeness and I would totally show off all the time!!!

The reason I started doing yoga: laurasykora Total yoga inspiration OMG ❤ ❤ ❤ LOve it!!!!! Seriously check out her Instagram, amazing !






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