And The Best Inland City Award goes to TEMECULA!!!!

We are finally settled in. And we are really enjoying the new neighborhood. It feels safe, clean, and very family friendly. I hope we stay here a while. A minimum of two years. I am in no rush to buy a new house right now. The next time we find a house it better have everything in my wish list and I refuse to budge!

My list : Single story with a view, open concept, a sun room, big backyard, solar panels, big wash room, jetted tub with fireplace facing the tub, walk in closet, I will not share it! Haha, it’s really not that hard to find , if you do a good job looking 0:)

For now, though, I am on relax mode for hopefully two years. Plus my neighbors are super sweet and I already met mostly everyone on my block.

Not to mention, everything here is walking distance, everything!!!!!

There are so many restaurants and cafes I want to try, oh I can’t wait!


We get to walk around this pretty lake everyday ❤






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