Moving to Wineland

Oh my gosh! Just 4 more days until we move. Again…

Our insurance company told us we are the only clients she has that move this much.

It’s a bitter sweet feeling as we finally customized our house the way we liked and now we are moving away for good. We put hardwood flooring, awesome ceiling fans in every room, a sweet chandelier in the entrance. We also placed some artificial turf in the backyard and an above ground pool for the summer heat. Enjoyed it about three months and put our house up for sale. It went into escrow in only 3 days!!!! I’m gonna miss my avocado tree and my giant walk-in closet that I did not share with anyone!




Just when we made new neighborhood friends we are up and moving again -.-


Now we are leaving Riverside for good and moving to Temecula. Known for its wine country, hot-air ballooning, golf courses, and family friendly neighborhoods. We wont be purchasing a new home just yet as we want to see how we like it here and take our sweet time with our home search. The next home will be our long term dream home so we are definitely going to take our time.

In the meantime I will be enjoying the big family sport parks, trails, shopping, and close proximity to San Diego county.


Landon already enjoying the new park.


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