Slow it down!

January went and now it is mid February,  It seems like time is on fast forward.

I turned 27 last month and this month my son is turning 5. For the first time in his five years there will be no birthday party. Instead we will be taking him to Disneyland.

He really loves birthday parties but we are hoping that he will love Disney just as much or more. We actually had season passes when he was 1, but he does not remember. When we were living in San Diego we had passes for Legoland and he absolutely loved it. He still talks about it. On my birthday we went to Knott’s Berry Farm, He also really enjoyed it. So much so that he wanted to go there for his birthday instead. But that would limit us to only Camp Snoopy, which has limited rides. My little boy is not tall enough to go on proper rides. He’s smaller than most kids his age.

Disney is just much more family oriented, there will be so much more to do. It should make for a fun filled day. I just hope he loves it!

His most memorable and favorite birthday was his 3rd. The theme was super heroes.  He is still all about super heroes. Give the kid a cape and some legos and he is entertained for hours!

ImageImageImageImageAh the memories. Now he is going on 5 and he will start kindergarten in September. My baby boy is not such a baby anymore and this makes me want to bust out a box of Kleenex!  ;,(

Lucky for me I get to do it all over again with Meadow. And Landon is the greatest little helper and the best big brother! A momma couldn’t be more proud. 🙂


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