Run Run Running

I am itching to go for a run today but it is now 5:38PM and already dark outside.

Also, the hubby is working and I can’t really go with my 7 week old and 4 year old.

With my boy I had a jogging stroller. A cheapy one but it was great. Used it until he turned 4 and then he was just too big. But I used the life out of that thing.

For my little girl I was given a regular 4 wheel stroller which I like for walking around but I definitely can’t go running with it. So I am seriously contemplating getting a Bob running stroller. Maybe selling my current one to get the running one. My husband really doesn’t think I need one. But on days when he is working I can totally put my son on the bike as I run along with the little one. My better half is not much of a runner so he just does not get it. I will have to put out a presentation for him and hopefully convince him, haha.

So for the month of January and up until Valentines day, I decided to do a challenge. It is by Tone It Up. To run 100 miles by February 14. I started watching Karena and Katrina’s Tone It Up workout videos on You Tube since they got started and they now have their own TV show on Bravo. (The one and only reality TV show I’ll ever watch). They have their own protein, Perfect Fit, workout DVD’s , Beach Babe,bikini line, even an app. They even got to work with Victoria’s Secret for their sport’s clothing line. They are totally inspirational, motivating, and just freaking awesome at getting you to work-out! So, when they came out with this years Love Your Body Series, I had to do the running challenge. Unfortunately I had a bit of a rough start. For one, I had to wait until I was 6 weeks postpartum which put me at the second week of January. And secondly I caught a cold, as I typically do in the month of January. Lucky for me I got sick early January and not late January. Last year (Tomorrow) I got sick on my birthday. Pretty lame. Glad to be feeling great today! 🙂

Anyway, so sadly I’ve only completed 39 miles as of today of the 100.  I only have until February the 14th and the month is almost over. So I am not so confident that I will be able to accomplish my one and only goal for the New Year’s. Womp womp… but I’ll keep trying.


10 reasons why I love to run:

1. My dad was a runner

2. The boost of confidence I get when I am done, runners high?

3. Keeps my legs nice and tight.

4. I drift into la-la land every time I run.

5. Sometimes when I run faster, harder, higher, I get sore. Yup, Soreness.  It’s like wearing a medal.

6. It wakes me up, gives me energy.

7. Makes me thirsty for water, loads of water. And when I drink it, ahhhhhh. So refreshing.

8. Its healthy.

9. It’s my happy place. I just love the way running feels.

10. The total relaxation and feeling of content.

Need I more reasons? I think not!


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