Special Delivery, she is finally here!


She came, she came, she finally came!

The little Missy was a day late. She was born on the 3rd of December instead of the 2nd. The whole time I swore she would be early, with all the signs and discomfort I really thought she’d be a November baby. But alas, she was born a December baby and we couldn’t be happier!!

My pregnancy and giving birth to her was the  complete polar opposite of my son’s. This pregnancy definitely had a lot more symptoms from the get go. I had morning sickness, cravings, back pain, body changes etc. With my son I didn’t even feel pregnant. It wasn’t until I had my first ultrasound that I realized it was really happening.

My son was born two days before his due date. I woke up at 3AM and realized I was wet. Confused and half asleep I seriously thought I had peed myself before I realized my water broke. I woke my husband and he immediately called the hospital. I had no pain, no contractions so I took a shower, got ready, put my stuff together and then we drove to the hospital. I had to get the pitocin in my system to get the contractions going and it took about 12 hours before I finally reached 10 cm of dilation. Pushing was terrible. It took 2.5 hours of pushing before he finally came out. So with my son, the pregnancy was super easy but labor and delivery was absolutely horrible. 

With the little Missy, pregnancy was not so smooth but delivery was a breeze. I was in labor for about 5 hours. We woke up on the 3rd, I made breakfast and started cleaning.  My water did not break but I had little contractions. What felt like menstrual cramps at first turned into slightly longer contractions that were coming closer together. However, since I had previously felt similar symptoms I didn’t think it was actually happening. They began at 7AM and at 9AM I decided they were becoming to uncomfortable so I demanded to be taken to the hospital STAT. My husband and son were on the couch playing a video game and weren’t even out of their pajamas. So the hubby jumped off the couch and got everything together.

When we finally arrived to the hospital I was 5-6 cm dilated, which I could not believe because I didn’t think my contractions were that painful. At 2PM I was 10cm dilated and my water had just broken. The pushing began and it only lasted 24 minutes before she was out. It was so weird because with my son I had to force myself to push the entire time but with her I only had to make myself push in the beginning. When she was actually about to come out my body went into an extreme push mode which I could not control, it didn’t last very long but boy did it feel crazy.

In both deliveries I had the epidural. The contractions were worse with my son, probably because I had the pitocin. I’ve heard pitocin makes them a lot stronger. But I honestly feel I could have handled them. I was mostly just horrified of feeling the tearing or anything horrible that comes with pushing baby out. So since I had it with my son, I had it done with my daughter. I must say, the epidural is the scariest and to me the worst part of this whole process. I cried when they did it both times! This time it was worse because the first anesthesiologist could not find the correct spot. It took her about 40 minutes and she poked me four times only to not get it done. She called another anesthesiologist who came and probably got it done within ten minutes. She was obviously more experienced. I still have back pain, not so sure if it was worth it. But other than that my labor and delivery went smooth.

Today my little girl is 8 days old and she sleeps all day and all night. Seems she only wakes up to eat, hehe. She’s a pretty easy baby. I am recovering OK. But I think I tried to do too much too soon, so back to bed I go. Lesson learned, take it easy, even if it’s boring. :/



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