Is it ever going to happen!?

My goodness. Tomorrow is my actual due date and here I thought I was going to have a November baby. Since my son was born two days early I figured this little girl would come at least a few days early. But here I am still waiting. Growing more and more impatient by the second.

Patience is something I am being forced to work on right now, thanks a lot Meadow!

I have tried a lot of walking but in the end I still don’t get any contractions and I just hurt a little in my pelvic area. I am about to pull my hair out haha. Not only do I just want her out to meet her and hold her but I am also sick and tired of being pregnant! Nine months of this is just so long and this last month has been terribly uncomfortable. Both physical and emotional.

Pain, bring it on. I am so ready to get this over and done with. I am sure I will not feel this way when it is actually happening. But as of now I just want this baby out!!!!!! Come on contractions!! Come on pain, bring it on!!! Please, before I start crying in desperation :,(

I guess at this point I am just hoping that shes not late, I don’t know how I can handle an extra week let alone 2. Tomorrow when I go to the doctor I will hopefully have made some progress in dilating. Seems I am at 1cm per week -.- too slow! Lazy baby girl, I hope this means you will be a calm and mellow baby. Mellow Meadow!! 🙂

Image I also got super lucky with this 4MOMS Mamaroo (Blue Plush). My cousin bought it because a friend swore by it, he immediately went off and bought it thinking it would be the solution for their sleepless nights. But unfortunately they bought it a little too late. Not sure how old she is now. She must be at least 4 months, probably more. Anyway, it’s pretty much new for she only used it a couple of times and fussed in it. I bought it off of them for over half the price. And his wife also gave me a bag of new and semi new adorable baby girl clothes that their little princess already outgrew.

Hoping that Meadow will like it, I am going to take their advice and use it as soon as possible so it will actually be useful.

I know with Landon, he loved his swing and rocker! And this is a combo of the two, plus it plays music from your iPhone as well. Baby Einstein from Pandora it is 🙂 Oh Meadow, please come already, what are you waiting for!? I’ll be 40 weeks tomorrow!!!!!!


On and this reminds me, whilst watching the news last night. A very sad and early ending to the handsome Paul Walker. He left behind his 15 year old daughter also named Meadow. It’s just so uncommon to hear, so the hubby and I were both surprised and re-winded the TV to see if we heard right. Wishing his family and loved ones peace. So sad 😦 RIP Paul Walker.


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