October Snail Mail Collective: Autumn Adventures

I had been wanting to participate in The Snail Mail Collective. It looked like tons of fun and so I joined in for the theme Autumn Adventures which was the month of October.

I had the pleasure of getting to know the awesomely amazing Wina. She and I had so many similarities. I just loved getting to know her. I was so excited to talk to someone from a different part of the world. She lives in Singapore, how awesome is that!? It was sweet learning about her culture, interests, and hobbies. So glad I tried it out! Ill definitely be doing it again.

Yesterday was happy mail day for me as I received her package. Is it bad that my son and I went through all the snacks last night after opening it !? I have a major sweet tooth haha and they were so delicious!!! =^.^= She spoiled me.

I LOVED the purple dream catcher. Wanted to keep it in my room but I already have one next to my bed so I figured I’d put it in my little girls room. It will match her lilac room just perfect.

I am so excited to try the ginger milk tea and the regular ginger tea. I am gonna have the milk tea tonight after I tuck my little one to bed. The hubby and I like to sip on hot drinks as we watch TV on cool Autumn nights. OoOO I can’t wait!

Thank you so much Wina, I loved everything so very much! I hope you get yours soon ❤



4 thoughts on “October Snail Mail Collective: Autumn Adventures

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