Meadow’s Nursery

We finally for the most part, anyway, completed our little girls room!

Besides having baby, which I am still eagerly awaiting for. Fixing up her room was much anticipated and I was pretty excited to get it done.

It took us a little bit longer because we were also working on the floors. Removing of carpet and replacing with hardwood. My hubby did it all which is why it took a while longer. Plus he had to do 3 rooms, a hallway, and the stairs. It’s pretty awesome that he can get things done around the house. 🙂


I am still waiting on two other wall decals. One is of another tree, I think it might be bigger than the one by the dresser. The second is of branches with hot pink leafs. I plan on putting that one by her name. It wont be here until mid November according to Amazon. Maybe it’s because it’s coming from China? Either way I order a while ago, they might just be back ordered.


Instead of buying a changing table I opted to just use the dresser. I still need to get a cute slip cover for the changing pad. In the lookout for a lilac one.



The cutest knitted blanky! Made by my lovely sister. Shes so good! Done in all my favorite colors! Purples and teal! ❤


My sister also knitted her this cute little outfit! Hat, dress, and undies!! How adorable!? She is making her matching shoes as well. I can’t wait to put them on her. 🙂


With leftover purple she made her this cute little sweater as well. I’m so lucky 🙂


Currently, only two of her drawers have things. I’m sure they will fill up soon enough.




Baby shower cake. It was half Tres Leches (Three Milks) and half chocolate. Tres leches is my favorite. I only get chocolate to please other people, haha. :p


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