Los Angeles Zoo


     So this week the fam bam and I decided to take a little trip to the zoo.

We actually haven’t been in some time. Possibly two years? It was the first time that we have been there with our son out of the stroller! Hooray!

We had Legoland passes last year and right before we moved we were just starting to visit the theme park without a stroller. Since we had annual passes it didn’t matter that he tired early and we left soon.

So this was kind of a big deal for our little four year old!

I think our last zoo trip was to San Diego’s Wild Animal Park. I also really like the San Diego Zoo.  However, the L.A Zoo is way less expensive and also has plenty to see. I believe it was only $18 for adults and $13 for children. The last time I went the price was closer to $10. I’m pretty sure I saw new exhibits this time and they are still working on some more. It definitely has a lot to offer. The only thing the L.A Zoo does not have that SD does is The Polar Bear exhibit and the Panda Bears.

Our little one was pretty excited to see all the animals. He even touched a snake. For some reason he was really into the spiders and snakes hehe. Luckily they had a pretty big section for all of that in what they called The Desert Trail.

The next time we come here it’s going to be with our new little bundle of joy =^.^=






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