Hawaii / Aulani Hotel Review


So this year the family and I finished off September with a nice vacation to Hawaii. We stayed at the Aulani Resort which is a Disney hotel.

We picked this place because of our little one. We wanted to make sure it was kid friendly and safe vacation that we would all enjoy.

This resort definitely had a lot to offer with it’s water park perks. However, it was a little on the very pricy side. There were not too many restaurants nearby except other Hotel’s and a few across the street. Food and drinks were definitely pricy in the resort as well as spa services. I paid $145 for a pedicure and a nail polish change on my hands. And there was nothing special about the pedi, yikes! All of the services had an additional 20% fee.

The service was definitely great, everything was orderly , neat and clean. The staff was very friendly and welcoming. They had plenty of pools, hot tubs, a very fun lazy river, water slides, and a kids water play area. So there was always something to do in the resort.

They also had a day care area for the kids which was in operation from 9am to 9:30pm. My little one had more fun out doing things with us so we didn’t get to use it as much. The couple of times that we did try to use it he requested to be picked up shortly after. There were no extra fees for using this.


One other bummer was that they didn’t really have any shows like hula dancers or anything like that. This was a big disappointment as I was really looking forward to this. The Marriott Hotel which was next to our resort did have a night where they performed outside on the beach, so yay for the little glimpse!

I’m sure if Aulani did have something it would have probably been inside the restaurants which as I said were way too pricy! The three of us wanted to do the Character breakfast buffet and we spent $180, on a buffet!!! The selection was not even very big. This included a picture with Mickey for an additional $30 and don’t forget the extra 20% fee!!! 😡


Luckily they had one decent restaurant across the street Called The Monkey Pod. The prices were okay and the food was pretty good. They always had a person playing live music. The atmosphere was great. Next to this restaurant was a little grocery store with a deli, we definitely took a lot of trips here.


Overall, Hawaii was beautiful. I already miss it! The weather was warm but always breezy so it was comfortable. The few times that it rained, it poured! But it only lasted max of a minute.


We were there for 6 days and we pretty much only stayed at the resort. We rented a car once and went to Pearl Harbor and Waikiki. On our way back we kind of got lost and ended on the other side of the island. But at least we got to see more!!


Waikiki was pretty cool. They had a huge high end outdoor mall but somewhere in between there was a Marketplace with loads of venders. That’s where we bought most of our souvenirs.  I also got a really cool owl henna tattoo!


I also really loved the shaved ice!!! I had like three of them and I got to drink pineapple juice from a pineapple 🙂


Oh, until we meet again, Hawaii, you were lovely!



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