It’s a girl, now I can shop!

So on my 20 week ultrasound appointment I was told that “It looks like a girl.”

My husband was sold immediately because he didn’t see any boy parts like we definitely saw with my son.

I, however, needed to be reassured. I have a friend who was told she was having a girl and it ended up being a boy. They found out towards the end of their pregnancy. She was a little upset because she had been buying girl items.

So to put my mind at ease (and so I wouldn’t feel guilty every time I bought girl stuff) I went ahead and paid for an ultrasound at my local mall. Now I know for sure it really is a girl. Clear as could be, a definite girl! YAY 🙂

Now when I go shopping and I see cute things I can go ahead a buy them guilt free.


Also to do with shopping. I have been eying the Steve Madden Marlenee Sandal in Mint Green. I almost ordered them online but ended up going to the store and got to try them on. I Love the color but it didn’t look so great against my skin. I’m just a little too dark for it. I tried on the Coral and it complimented my skin a lot better.



Lastly, I have been trying to buy Essie’s In The Cab-ana but have been unsuccessful in finding it. Today I found OPI’s Can’t Find My Czechbook which is very similar to In The Cab-ana. It’s just a few shades darker but it will do!



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