On today’s episode of Bee Blog I shall introduce myself. I’m B, 25 years young, and my birthday is fast approaching. Only a month to go before I am a legit member of the mid twenties. Or is it now late twenties!? :/
I am a mommy to a very mischievous toddler. Really, I don’t know where he finds all that energy without the need to recharge.
My hubby is 4.5 years older than I, he is my better half, although he probably doesn’t think I actually feel that way about him. Silly guy! He’s a white guy and I’m Hispanic. Our son is indeed a hybrid. I think it makes for great genetics. Oh la la!
I have a job which I don’t love, so I’m desperately trying to figure out what to do. For the meantime though, I am grateful, for it pays for my shopping addiction.
We live in Southern California, a terribly expensive place to live in. I hope to someday move to a more subtle and peaceful location. Maybe a place with a lot of trees. I don’t know.
What else, ah yes, I’m a bit in LOVE with French culture.
So yes… That is it for now.


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