Minecraft Party 

For the big 7, we went all out with Minecraft. I am not big on throwing parties, very out of my comfort zone. Luckily it all turned out well and my big 7 year old loves it. 

Creeper piñata



steve and photo booth



Running plans for 2016

I ran so much last week that this week I’ve already taken 3 days off from running. Plus I think I’ve caught a stomach bug. 😞

But I did manage to do a few fitnes classes. Spin on Monday, TRX on Tuesday, and aerial yoga today.

Last week I tried doing runs every other day with rest in between. But I think the mileage was a bit too much since my posterior shin splints started up again on my right leg. It was finally not so horrible though, so hooray for that!

I haven’t gone to the chiropractor to work on my legs, I’ve just been using my roller and I am stretching a lot more. As for my mileage, G and I have been trying to run 10 miles instead of our normal 6.

We also want to dedicate this year to improving our running and getting more miles so that we can do Avalon 50 miles in Catalina island next year.

I am planning to run the Revel marathon in Azusa this year. It is in November, so hopefully I will be prepared enough this time around. My first marathon was a bust!

So if I do well I plan on conquering the LA marathon in 2017. This year I’m still not ready! I hope they keep it in February though. I much prefer the cooler weather races.

And Happy B-Day to my girl, G. She did a birthday run but I couldn’t go since my stomach is killing me. 😦 At least we did aerial yoga, that was pretty neat! 

Running in wine country is so much fun! Hilly, with spectacular views.

Korean food for a pre workout meal is obviously the go to choice around here.


Holiday 13.1 Run

First we got our bibs…

And I saw a lot of cars with our popular Runner girl magnets. Which we are supposed to flip, it’s a thing. :p 


Runner girls get flipped, so flip it!

Picking up our bibs was pretty fast and easy. We went as soon as they opened, plus the location wasn’t that big. Every other race I’ve done was at a big convention center, so this was nice. 

Since we were near Zion market, Korean food. We stopped and got some essentials. It was pretty cool, actually. G took me through each isle and gave me the 1-1. It’s fun to try new things!    

mmmmm Boba!

And the race itself, I really liked. 

Although the morning was freezing cold and I didn’t like that at all, especially whilst wearing a tank top. 

It started at 730am, so the sun did come up at least. Just in time for me to dump my cool blanket.   

And the route was very nice to look at. 

My timing was pretty good, the course was pretty flat. Some rolling hills and plenty of down hills. 

That sums up the last race of the year. Hoping the great runs will continue in 2016! 


Married to a cop

Oh boy. 

I thought I was going to put the kids to bed and hop in bed myself. 

But the love of my life decided to give me a call and say hello. He also wanted to tell me that he was about  to visit a gang member’s house to make an arrest for a man who shot two people. Way to make me queasy, honey. 

So now I guess I’ll clean the bathrooms and finish all the other chores I was too tired to finish up for the night just 15 minutes ago.  

I really don’t like to think of him out there, it’s the only way I stay sane. So nights like these really suck. All I can do is wait around, worried as heck, praying to God that he comes home to me the same way he left. 

Welp, I hope I have enough bleach… 

– a worried wife 

Williams Arizona

This year we drove up to Williams, Arizona to experience The Polar Express with the kids. 

It was also a birthday celebration for the little missy who is now 2!

The drive was long from So Cal, but during the day it is quite nice. I enjoy looking at the desert and the cacti, it is very serene. 

Plus the small towns we drove through were pretty cool. I always wonder what it would be like to live like that. 


I’m fairly certain he is doing a sloppy job…


this year was super low key. Our little hotel birthday celebration with our princess. She doesn’t have any expectations just yet. I hope it stays that way. 😳


All aboard, to the polar express!


Mrs. Claus makes the best hot cocoa and cookies, according to Landy.


She may have thought this was her grandpa!


Happy Holidays, a Fun Run!

This morning I went for a tougher 6 mile run. I’ve been running a lot less recently due to some severe posterior shin splints. But since I have the holiday half coming up at the end of the month, I decided that I need to kick it up to high gear. 

So I did the 6 miler in the morning because this evening my plan was to do a fun run. It was less than 4 miles and it included a lot of stopping and looking at Xmas lights. 





It definitely seemed like over 40 people showed up to run. We all met at a Starbucks parking lot and took off from there. Regular people shopping probably thought we were all crazy, running around with Xmas lights and such. 

But as always, I really enjoyed my run. Especially when they are just for some legitimate fun. 💕

Run: Surf Madonna 

Last weekend my friend and I got to join in on a last minute race. We found out about it the day before and decided to do it. We were going to be in San Diego later that day anyway. 

I ran the 10k, 6 miles of beach for me. I think that’s the longest I’ve ever ran in sand. My friend ran 10 miles. She’s a beast!

It was a little bit warmer than we would have liked. Heat is never my friend when I run. It really slows me down. 

But all in all we had a blast and we loved our finishing medals!


Ragnar Trail Vail Lake, CA

I am finally home from our Friday/ Saturday Ragnar relay that took place in the beautiful city of Temecula, CA. 

I am laying in bed sore as can be. Sleepy but unable to sleep. 

Too much excitement occurred this weekend but I am glad to finally be home in the comfort of my bed.  :p

When I first met Gen, my running buddy, one of the first things she asked me was to join her Ragnar team. I immediately said yes, even though I didn’t really know her.  And what a friendship we’ve made. We are soul sisters! 

What a fun experience this trail race was. We did 14.4 miles each in 3 leg segments. We had a team of 8 people. So the mileage wasn’t bad at all but the trails were pretty tough. The sleep, or the lack  of sleep didn’t help either. I think I slept about 2 hours. I really tried to fall asleep but the lack of privacy, the noise from other nearby tents, and the anxiety from the next run didn’t help me go into sleep mode. 

Our friend Danielle started training with us a couple of months ago and she has become a much stronger runner. She totally finished strong on her last leg which was a yellow loop representing a hard course.  Green is Moderate, Yellow is hard, and Red is very hard.  

Gen started the race in the Green leg, then we had runner 2,3,4,5,6,7 was Danielle, and I was the 8th runner. My first leg was Yellow.

My second leg was Green which I did at 3am. I loved running with the moonlight and fresh air. My last leg was red at 12:30pm and the heat of the afternoon was brutal. Plus red is the hardest loop. I found it very challenging. Gen went with me even though she had already done her three legs. Gen and Danielle’s  order were the same; green, red, yellow. 

Loved, loved, loved doing this relay. The people at the campsite were very chill and everyone was very nice and encouraging to one another. We left with nothing but good vibes. 

the coolest medals ever


Santa Barbara 

Beach stop on our way home from our trip to Hearst Castle. 

The last time I went to Santa Barbara was in 2008 and I was pregnant with lil man. 

My, how the time flies. Now he’s 6 and our princess is nearly 2. 

She absolutely loved the beach and is fearless in the water. Looks like we got ourselves two swimmers in the family. They take after their dad.  I don’t know how to swim… 😢  


lunch stop

 Crayons are not for eating!!

Hearst Castle

I can finally cross Hearst Castle off my to do list. I’ve driven past it several times on my way to San Francisco but  never made a point to stop, the drive up to SF is just too long. 

Anywho, this trip was just for the castle. 

We only did the Grand Rooms Tour.  I considered doing a few more tours but our little bundle of joy didn’t make it too easy. We were lucky that she actually fell asleep for part of the tour. She still managed to get a bit fussy and let me tell you, it sucks being THAT parent. All in all she did pretty well.  

The main rules  were don’t touch anything, stay on the rug and away from the hardwood floors, and no flash photography. Because of this, I placed my almost 2 year old in my carrier the entire tour, this of course didn’t make her a very happy camper. I wasn’t going to take any chances letting her roam around though. 😉

Our young lad was pretty good. He’s old enough to understand and keep to himself as well as follow the rules. But he was a little bored. I recommend this place for older kids, it’s much easier.  The outdoor area was a lot easier to deal with and the gardens were lovely. I believe they also have a garden tour. 

 The guest rooms were pretty and very detailed. Mr. Hearst had quite the party place.   

Here she is sleeping


Our lilttle dude wished this pool was open to the public.


24k gold floors!


We had a lovely time.